Prototyping powered by A.I.

New ideas are exciting! The journey from concept to market is typically a long road riddled with hidden obstacles and unforeseen turns. Building a prototype for your ideas can help smooth that path as well as present some other benefits, like early user testing and fast bottleneck detection. By spraying some "Artificial Intelligence"-magic over your prototypes, the sky is the limit.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not so science fiction and it is actually quite closer and more present in everyone’s daily life than you might think. There are a lot of applications imaginable where a computer program can learn, discover, see, hear, interpret... You imagine, we build!

Internet of Things

The idea behind the Internet of Things is that everything is connected , not only your computer, phone and tablet, but also your shoes, your coffee maker, your fridge, your car... We interpret and visualize the data captured by these smart, sensored devices.

Mobile & Web

This part does not need a lot of explanation. It goes without saying that we have specialists in both mobile app and web development. We build both hybrid, native and web apps, depending on your project, and we focus on design, usability and user experience.

Cloud Development

This is more often than not the backbone for a project. The cloud is what IoT-devices connect to, where artificial intelligent algorithms are deployed, what powers the backend for mobile applications... We focus on performance and scalability.


For projects that involve hardware, we can build prototypes on a breadboard, which is powered by a microcontroller and has all needed sensors on board. But we can also build a more realistic 3D printed prototype with a custom-made PCB.


Blockchain is the new kid on the block. The distributed ledger technology behind the concept of blockchain will disrupt many industries. However, the development can be quite challenging. We will help you by prototyping your ideas.


What our clients are saying

  • “Mede dankzij Craftworkz hebben we bij Acerta een grote stap voorwaarts gezet in de digitale innovatie van onze dienstverlening voor KMO klanten.”
    — Steven Laurent, Acerta
  • “Craftworkz takes you to the future, not only by what they do, but also because of their way of working. They are fast, they know their game, they think, and they are agile. With a few words, they create working prototypes. This team makes a difference in a world where User Experience and Service Innovation are paramount.”
    — Geert Tewissen, Boondoggle
  • “The enthusiasm, sense of innovation and technical knowledge of the Craftworkz team has brought the concept to a higher level.”
    — Anne Smits, Monkeyshot

Your idea prototyped.

From chatbots to blockchain. You are only limited by your own imagination!


For every prototype we look for the best and most innovative technologies that fit the bill. Technical challenges are researched and tackled.


We master the finest technologies to fit your needs. Chatbots, blockchain, mobile, web, cloud, IoT… You name it, we build it.

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