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Innovation Prototyped

Wij brengen jou idee naar een hoger niveau. Wij maken jou stoutste creatieve dromen waar

We're experienced with innovation

We are highly skilled in today’s technologies and are always on top of the newest and hottest innovation trends.

Projecten in de kijker

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No more questions about movies: Kinepolis and Craftworkz launch chatbot Bert with Oswald chatbot technology.

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A car so intelligent it can do its own job interviews

A car so intelligent it can do its own job interviews

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A hotline for creative agencies

Are you a great creative mind and thinking about the most crazy innovative ideas but you don't know if these are technically feasible? Let our hotline bling and inspire us with your dreams, we'll check the technical requirements and get back to you within 24 hours.

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Innovation day

Are you looking for inspiration on what's going on in our innovative world, need confirmation on what is possible today and where will be stand in the future? We're here to inspire you on a technical level, so you can dream creatively.


Design sprints

Are you still breeding on your next big idea and going through the Design Sprint fases? Our technical experts are ready to join your team to make sure your ideas are technically feasible.


Experts at your event

Are you organising an event, webinar or a small in house inspiration day? Are you looking for experts to join your agenda? We have a great team who can't wait to get invited and inspire your crowds.



Ready to prototype your next big idea and see it come to life in a very short time period? Let's organise a mini Hackathon where we'll be your builders and you'll be our creative thinkers.

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